How it Works. Enhancing Your iContract Experience

Guiding you through the contracting landscape

Hello and welcome to iContract!

Now you’ve registered your iContract profile, please read through our brief guide book that will help you use the iContract platform more effectively and ensure you’re getting the best user experience possible. Plus, find out about iContract’s additional features and how they can help you as a contractor.

Your Profile – is it ready?

You’ve registered your iContract profile with your basic details and your current work experience, and you’re now keen to get started using the iContract platform.

But before you go any further, to have the best possible iContract experience, it is important that your iContract profile is complete with all your relevant skills and experience added, plus any other important information.

By having a completed profile, your visibility to recruiters and hiring managers will be greater, and the contracts recommended to you will be more accurate. So what can you do?

Import CV

On your profile page, you’ll see in the top right hand corner a CV import button. This tool allows you to import your CV (Word/PDF) and update your iContract profile. With the CV import tool, you’ll be able to select what parts of your CV you’d like to include in your iContract profile, and what you might want to leave out.

As well as employment experience, the CV import tool updates your iContract profile with other important information from your CV like Educational Background, Professional Qualifications and Skills. If these aren’t present on your CV, don’t worry, you can add these any time to your profile manually.

Just a note!

The CV import tool only updates your iContract profile with information from your CV. Recruiters using iContract will assess your applications for contracts based on your profile and will not receive your CV.

The importance of Skills!

The iContract platform has a skills based algorithm that affects iContract’s recommendation and match score.

By entering your unique contractor skills in the skills section (either manually or through CV import), you’ll soon see your profile closely matched to more relevant contracts, and recruiters looking for specifically skilled contractors will discover you more easily.

We have a number of pre-populated skills listed within the iContract platform. If your skill doesn’t come up, don’t worry you can manually enter these skills through free search. But let us know for future reference if you think we’re missing something.

Your Biography

Like any job profile, it’s ideal to have a short biography that gives a concise summary of who you are and what you do. Ensure you fill in your Biography for your iContract profile so that recruiters and employers have got an initial understanding of what you’re all about.

Changing Profile

We know a CV can become outdated within a matter of months and your work situation is always changing. With iContract, you can keep your profile updated easily. If it’s adding more work experience, or newly accrued skills, this can be done manually or through the CV import tool, and is important to do if you want to continue receiving the most accurate contract recommendations.

Or maybe your contract requirements have changed and you’re looking to increase your rate, lower your contract length, expand your offering, or even advertise that you’re not actively looking. You can tweak your contract expectations on the right hand side of your profile, or change whether you’re activiely looking for a new contract or not with the toggle bar in the top left hand corner.

Enhance your work experience

For any of your work experience history, you can request to be verified by a previous employer. Simply click the Verify Position button on one of your employment periods, and you can send a message request to be verified and this will further enhance and validate your iContract profile to prospective employers.

Have you finished?

Before you can apply for any contract on iContract, ensure you are happy with your profile and that is complete. Once it is completed, tick the Complete check box so you can apply for roles in the knowledge that your profile is finished and ready.


With your profile fighting fit, you’re now ready to find a contract, and there’s a lot of ways you can do this using the iContract platform. Search for a contract!

Search for a contract!

One of the most effective ways of finding a contract that is tailored to what you’re looking for specifically is to run a contract search on iContract. Go to the Contract Search button and first select the Industry you want your contract to be. If you have registered your contractor profile in a certain industry, this will be the default choice but you can change this on the Contract Search page, or even add another Industry as you might be looking for roles that are a mixture of industries (Financial-Tech/Law-Finance).

You can advance your search using the slider bars below (click Advanced search) to set your desired contract rate, contract length, work schedule, and your years of experience, to generate your initial contract search results.

iContract’s search tool supports boolean smart searches allow users to use commands such as AND, OR, NOT, “”, *, ( ), meaning you can perform complex and detailed contract searches with ease, and ensure more accurate and refined search results.

Any search you perform now using these commands will be checked against a number of different data fields such as a contract’s title, location, description, skills, sector, industry, etc.

Here’s a quick rundown of how these commands work;

AND – indicates both sides of the command will be searched for, e.g. Java Developer = Java AND Developer

OR – indicates either side of the command should be searched for, e.g. Developer with Java or Ruby experience = Java OR Ruby

NOT – indicates a specific term should not be present in any search, e.g Developer with Java and not Ruby experience = Java NOT Ruby. Further clarity can be added by using AND, e.g. Java AND NOT Ruby

* - can be used to match search terms with potentially alternative endings, e.g. Java Develop* will search for Java and any words beginning with Develop – development, developer, etc

“” - groups together multiple words as one single search term, e.g Java Developer - “Java Developer”

( ) - groups together search terms but overrides the general rules for commands, allowing certain commands to be used before others when needed – e.g. (Java or Ruby) and London

Find out more about boolean searches here

When searching for a Contract, by typing in your desired contract details (Skill, Location, Description, etc) using these commands, you’ll enhance and refine your search results further.

Once this is all done, you’ll see your recommended contracts based on your search results. You’ll see all the basic details of each contract, and most importantly each contract’s match score which will determine how compatible the contract is based on your search results. To apply to any one of these contracts, simply hit the Apply button and your application will be on its way! Remember, you can tweak your Contract Requirements at any time through the Search Contracts function!

iContract makes finding the right contract for you a seamless process. If you don’t always have the time to conduct extensive contract searches, iContract does the hard work for you and can recommend contracts for you based on your iContract profile.

By viewing Recommended Contracts within the Contracts Feature you can regularly check what are the latest contracts you have been recommended for based on your profile, and have the option to Apply for these roles too.

Your latest contract recommendations will change in line with any changes to your profile and with new contracts posted to the platform daily.

Your personal invitation

The iContract platform works for recruiters and employers in the same way it does for contractors. When a recruiter posts a contract, iContract will instantly produce recommended contractors that will be suitable for their position. Based on the recommendation, a recruiter or employer will have the option to personally invite them to apply for their posted contract.

By viewing Personal Invitations within the Contracts Feature, you can see what contracts you have been personally invited to apply for, and have the choice to accept this invitation and apply for a role.

Expand your Network with your connections

iContract is not just a place to find your next contract, it’s a platform you can forge new connections with. Expand your online network with iContract and discover new connections through the ‘Search Connections’ tool within the ‘Connections’ feature.

When searching for connections, you can search for both Contractors and Recruiters. When running a Connection search, simply specify your personal criteria with your search. Maybe you want to connect with a fellow contractor in your industry with the same skill-set, or a recruiter that is posting jobs in a particular location that you want to work in?

You’ll see a number of search fields you can use in ‘Search Connections’ that will ensure your search results are tailored to who you’re looking for.

Get Connected

Once you have your desired search results, request to connect with them via a user’s drop-down menu and click ‘connect to user’. They will be notified of your connection request and you’ll be notified once they have accepted your request.


Once your connections are established, you’ll see all your connections in ‘My Connections’ within the ‘Connections’ feature. From here you can scroll through all your connections and interact with them through a direct message.

Simply click on a user profile’s drop-down menu and choose ‘Send a Message’. From there you can type in your message and send it to your chosen connection. Maybe you want to talk to a recruiter and enquire about future jobs they may be planning to post? The choice is all yours!

Contractors and Recruiters connected with you can also instant message you. You can also be privately messaged a contract for you to apply for directly on iContract, if a recruiter personally invites you to apply!

You can regularly check your messages any time in the Messages section.

Keep up to date

Your iContract profile can keep you up to speed with all your activity on iContract, including yout job hunting progress.

By selecting the Dashboard Feature, you can see all your contract recommendations, personal invitations to apply for contracts, application updates on any ongoing or current contract applications, and see who’s viewed your iContract profile.

Manage Your Applications

You can also keep updated on your contract applications through the My Applications feature, where you can also see your Application History on iContract.

In the My Applications feature, you can manage your current contract applications and directly message recruiters to find out about the status of your application. If an application is successful, you’ll be offered to accept the contract by a recruiter, which you can either accept or come back to them with a counter-offer to their proposed day rate.

Access support from iContract’s service providers

As well as a community of contractors and recruiters, iContract also has a community of professional service providers that contractors can access for help and support on a number of contractor related issues such as accountancy, pensions, mortgages, and insurance.

By selecting the Service Providers feature on iContract, a contractor will have several service providers to choose from, and filter accordingly. Once they have selected their service provider, they can contact them individually.

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